Go it alone, it’s okay

IMG_3749.jpgYou know those awkward moments at a party when the food is ready but no one wants to be the first in line? Or when a public speaker at an event asks for volunteers and no one raises their hand because the speaker wouldn’t reveal what you are volunteering for? Or in school when the teacher asks who wants to present first and everyone all of a sudden looks down at their feet like they didn’t hear the question?

These are just a few of life’s very simple day-to-day examples of when a leader arises by being willing to stand alone or being the first to do something. Life gets a little more complicated than this though. Regardless, to be a leader, to be successful and to create real change, you have to be willing to stand alone. You have to believe so deeply in what you are doing that you are willing to go all in even when it feels like the entire world is against you.

My proudest moments in life are the ones that were the hardest to accomplish because I had to go it alone. Everyone else was telling me not to bother, that I was wasting my time or that I was not capable. Don’t let fear or other’s nonsense stop you from facing the hardest challenges in your life because in the end, pushing yourself to something greater is worth it all.

Eventually, people will also follow or at least support you whether it is the people who doubted you before or new, wonderful people you meet along the way. When you’re willing to stand alone, you rarely end up doing so.

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What have you done or do you want to do but were/are afraid to go it alone?


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