The right candidate is worth the wait

imgRecruiting is high pressure.

A high number of open positions might make some executives literally flip out! Hiring managers just want that body in a seat. Your boss wants to know why everything wasn’t filled yesterday.

Sound familiar?

I’m all about filling positions and doing it in an efficient manner. However, I also see so many recruiters make the mistake of falling under the pressure and making bad hires just to fill positions quickly.

Waiting forever is not the answer. If you have to wait that long, you’re doing your job wrong. However, if you don’t have any good candidates for a position, recruit harder and smarter; don’t just make a hire from your pile of nothing! Remind your hiring managers that the right candidate is worth the wait!

One of the best hires I’ve ever made was because I didn’t give into the pressure of getting the position filled right away. What’s your story about a new hire worth waiting for?

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