MAKE 2017 Happen, Don’t Just Wish It

img_6022-1It’s 2017, a brand new year! New is always good, right? Maybe, but it doesn’t always eliminate the old completely. A new love may be great but will never replace a first love that you lost to a tragedy. A new home may be great but doesn’t compare to your first and favorite home ever.

Similarly, 2017 does not eliminate everything from 2016. There have been lots of complaints about 2016 and now that we’re in a new year, people are posting about how life is already so much better because 2016 is over. Well, it doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. So much of what happened in 2016 is still going to happen in 2017. Many of the things that went wrong in 2016 are things we are going to still have to deal with in 2017.

So, stop trying to wish it away. Let’s make a real difference and just learn from the past and do everything we can to make this year a great one. To do that, we’re going to have to face our fears, our challenges and our problems. We’re going to have to stare them straight in the face and fight them with everything we’ve got. It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it because that’s how real change happens, not by sitting down and hoping for it but by getting up, dusting yourself off and making it happen.

Here’s to a year of getting things done, making things happen and turning the impossible into the possible! Wishing you all happiness, productivity, positivity and success! What are you going to make happen this year?

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