12 Blogs for the New Year


I’ve been pushing all year for HR professionals to get on social and start engaging with each other! Especially in health care, the industry I work in, it can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. We made some headway though in 2016. People started realizing that their peers who are on social media were finding out about everything in the industry before them.

So, I’ve been helping a lot of people get started but the question I’ve been getting lately is what blogs I follow or what blogs should a newbie start following. Anyone who knows me knows how picky I am so here are my top picks for the best of the best that every HR professional should follow.

Everyday People by Steve Browne

This blog is one of the most genuine blogs you’ll ever read. Steve writes from the heart but is also very honest. He’s out to change the way we operate in HR, for the better. He encourages HR professionals to become true leaders because in HR, we should be setting the example. Steve is a great connector of people because he truly understands people! He may not admit it but I swear he can see the future! Find Steve on Twitter at @sbrownehr and his blog is www.sbrownehr.com.

No Excuses HR by Jay Kuhns

The title itself should get you to read this blog. Jay talks about HR and leadership issues and how to make them better. His no-nonsense perspective is what is changing the world of HR. His blog is real, unafraid and simply, kick-ass! Plus, if you’re in healthcare HR, there’s no one who knows that world better than Jay. A man who doesn’t just talk a big game but lives and breathes it everyday, Jay can be found on Twitter at @jrkuhns. His blog is www.noexcuseshr.com.

The Tim Sackett Project by Tim Sackett

So there’s a trend: I like real, honest people. Well, Tim is as real of an HR professional as you can get. His blog is full of blatant, hilarious and truthful HR content. In one of his most recent posts, Tim talks about what he would do if he was president of the United States. It was classic, funny and yet, so relevant to HR. I promise you’ll never be bored reading this blog. You can find Tim on Twitter at @TimSackett and read his blog at www.timsackett.com.

The HR Capitalist by Kris Dunn

Okay, so this blog is also a no-BS kind of read but we’re trying to stay in the business as HR professionals, right? If that’s true, then you have to read The HR Capitalist. Kris puts his real-world experiences straight into this blog. This is a must read! Kris is on Twitter as @kris_dunn and his blog can be found at www.hrcapitalist.com.

Corn on the Job by Rich DeMatteo

At first read, this blog may seem irrelevant to HR professionals but it’s not. This is a hugely popular blog and it spews the career advice that jobseekers are listening to everyday so it’s actually extremely relevant to HR! Listen up and take note! Find Rich on Twitter at @CornOnTheJob and read his blog at www.cornonthejob.com.

Smart SenseAbilities(TM) by Kate Nasser

If you want to learn about leadership, employee engagement, team building, communication or any other skills to help you deal with people, this is the place to go! Kate is a leader in the space with a vast amount of experience and is also the founder of the #peopleskills chat on Twitter. You can follow her on Twitter at @katenasser or subscribe to her blog at www.katenasser.com/articles.

Break the Frame by Alli Polin

This blog is not just about HR. Alli offers great advice for leadership, careers and well, life. It’s helpful and inspiring at the same time. Find Alli on Twitter at @AlliPolin and check out her blog at www.breaktheframe.com/blog/.

AudienceBloom by Jayson Demers

Jayson is also a contributor on some big name sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. While Jayson does not usually talk about HR directly, his blog is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to social media, blogging and marketing yourself. This is a skill that not enough HR professionals possess. Learn from Jayson at @jaysondemers and www.audiencebloom.com/blog/.

Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

Most HR and OD professionals know Seth Godin but have you checked out his blog? I love Seth’s real, yet simple tips on everything talent and the workplace. His posts are short but he posts often and offers sound advice and thoughts. Seth is on Twitter as @ThisIsSethsBlog and his blog can be found at www.sethgodin.typepad.com.

Surviving Leadership by Mary Faulkner

I find Mary’s blog to be very unique. She talks about things that you don’t always think about everyday but she makes you think differently. You’ll find yourself nodding along as you read her great content. Don’t miss her on Twitter at @mfaulkner43 or her blog at www.survivingleadership.blog.

HR Bartender by Sharlyn Lauby

This is an everything-HR blog. Sharlyn has covered every topic in HR I can think of at one point or another. She is truly an HR professional and knows her stuff. She shares her thoughts on a variety of topics in an ever-changing HR space. She is on Twitter as @hrbartender and her blog can found at www.hrbartender.com.

HR Hound by Ben Martinez

I just started reading this blog recently because I connected with Ben on social media not too long ago but I find his content to be top notch. He also has a podcast I need to tune into at some point. Ben is the VP of People at HireVue so not only does he get HR but he gets how HR and technology can come together. Follow Ben on Twitter at @benmartinezJ and check out his blog at www.benmartinez.co.

Well, there you have it, my gift to you: 12 blogs for you to check out this season. Pick and choose what works for you but commit to reading some of these regularly in 2017 to stay in-the-know with the industry and maybe at some point, starting your own HR blog!

Here’s to HR becoming more social, leading the way and taking (not asking for) a seat at the table!

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