Just Say Yes to Social Media at Work

IMG_4477.jpgHuman Resources (HR) professionals and leaders, please allow me to welcome you to the year 2017! It’s okay. It really is. You can go ahead and leave those stringent, traditional policies and practices behind. They’re history. Well, that is, if you do not want to be left behind or become history yourself.

There are a lot of policies and practices that need to be left in the past but I’m particularly talking about social media. Your employees are going to be on social media whether you like it or not so why are you implementing unrealistic policies that don’t work? Why are you wasting so much time writing ridiculous policies when your time could be better spent making your people and organization successful?

  • So, your employees are on social media at work. That’s awesome! You better take advantage of this huge opportunity and give them something to post about – your products/services, the great work culture that exists, employee events or that awesome professional development opportunity the organization just gave them!
  • So, you have some employees who you believe are on social media all day and not performing. There’s this thing and it’s called accountability. I know it might be a new concept to some of you but trust me, it was not invented just this year. It is actually something that has existed forever, basically. Many of you leaders just don’t know how to deal with it or choose not to, at least. Managing performance has nothing to do with social media!
  • So, you notice that employees don’t pay attention during meetings because they are always on their phones on social media. Wow! What about incorporating social media and phone usage into the meeting? What a concept, right? Fun quiz questions they can answer with their phone, periodically posting a new idea or lesson learned from the meeting or sharing their thoughts about the meeting topic via a social media group.The ideas are really kind of endless. If you’re meetings are meaningful and valuable, you won’t have to worry about distractions.

There is a tool that already has your employees’ attention. Why are you trying to take the hard road to nowhere when you could take the easy path to success? Use the tool they’re already on to engage them! Seriously, I could spend days listing the different ways to use social media to engage employees. Use it for recognition, professional development, communication, team building, resource and knowledge sharing and much more!

Stop trying to force people not to use social media at work. There are too many benefits of them doing the opposite. If you lead your teams and manage performance appropriately, it actually, literally does not matter if people are on social media at work. In fact, if you engage them with social media, they might actually be more productive and improve results.

So, just change. Change your mindset. Go ahead. Tweet it with me: “I love #SoMe!”

Still scared? Let’s talk about it. Tell me why in the comments. Better yet, tweet it to me so the world can chime in. More feedback; look at that!

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