The Success Game

IMG_5486.JPGThere is this constant debate when talking about success. Some think that it’s all about who you know and others think it only matters what you know. I’m going to argue that you need a hell of a lot of both if you really want to be successful.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter if you have all the best contacts in the world. If they’re smart people, they’ll figure out pretty soon that you don’t know how to help them achieve their goals. Now, there are also people who don’t know anyone but are brilliant and probably make great employees. Yet, they struggle to find jobs and grow in their careers.

I also think that you can have both – a great network and lots of knowledge and talent – but still not make it in the world. If you’re not willing to do something with your talents and your resources, you cannot expect opportunities to just come to you. You have to work at it. Sorry, hard work is not dead. It still matters…a lot.

Even people who have a strong network miss out because they don’t do anything with that network. It’s like having thousands of Facebook friends but you never post on Facebook and you never talk to any of those friends. If you’re not building genuine relationships, you’re not doing yourself any favors just by having connections.

Maybe it’s not fair. Maybe it is. Either way, the reality is that success is a bit of a game. What you know helps you understand the game. Who you know helps you play the game. What you do with both helps you change the game.

What are you going to do differently to change the game for yourself? If you’ve reached success, what are you going to do to help change the game and help others be successful? \

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