Disconnecting? Not My Style!

IMG_4474.jpgDisconnecting is healthy for me and will help me live a less stressful life…or so I’m told. Not my style though! Being connected all the time is only stressful for people if they allow it to be. If people allow it to stress them out, then sure, they should disconnect but this is not a solution for everyone.

Staying connected is what makes me come alive. I thrive in an environment where I know I can work, chat, write, reflect, hang out with friends and family, volunteer and run my errands at any given time on any given day. When I’m on vacation, I enjoy it more than many who disconnect. I’m told by people who disconnect that they often get mentally stressed by the idea that they are missing something or that they are going to have a lot to catch up on at work when they return. I never have those thoughts because I can take a few minutes to catch up on work and emails and go right back to my vacation.

A vacation is like anything else. Just like we need breaks during the workday, it doesn’t hurt to take breaks from a vacation. Everyone always asks me how I’m already caught up with my emails the day I return from a vacation or time off. It’s because I chose not to get behind. It’s a conscious choice. Yet, I still enjoy the hell out of my time off.

I’m not just plugged into work. I’m plugged into the world. I’m checking out the news and connecting with my favorite people all across the world on social media. Being connected all the time has allowed me to build strong relationships. I have networks of people I only physically see once per year or longer but every time I see them, it feels like no time had passed because we stayed connected online.

Disconnect if you dare but I’m staying plugged in! What might you be missing out on?

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