Save the Date: #HRNotes Chat – Is Social Media & HR a Good Mix?

Twitter Chat FlyerIt is an ongoing question in many industries – is social media and Human Resources (HR) a good mix? It is the question we are setting out to answer at the first #HRNotes Twitter Chat on Thursday, March 3, 2016 from 12:30pm – 1:30pm central time. We’re asking HR and social media professionals across the globe to join us for this lively discussion.
Whether we fear legal implications, lack an understanding about social media or just are not sure how to get started, HR seems to be one of the last departments jumping on the social media bandwagon. Let’s change that!
Some of the ideas we’re looking to spark are:
  • How do organizations integrate social media with recruiting, benefits employee engagement and internal communications?
  • What social media platforms are best for HR and why?
  • How do HR departments gain buy-in from both senior leadership and their employee population to use social media?
  • What does the future of #SocialHR look like?
Follow us on Twitter: @HRNotes. Our chats will only get more interesting and don’t miss the recaps after the chats, summarizing the plethora of great ideas! Spread the word, grab everyone in your network and join us for the #HRNotes tweetchats happening the first Thursday of every month!

Please share your thoughts or questions.

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