Wake up and smell the talent Part 3: Your human capital is tweeting so you should too!

Social Gravity - Talent Anarchy

Social Gravity – Talent Anarchy

At the start of this series, we talked about the importance of social capital in building human capital. We focused on two social media platforms to start recruiting, retaining and growing great talent: LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, read Part 2: Build social capital on LinkedIn.

But, what about Twitter? Your human capital is tweeting so you should too! Twitter is a very beneficial tool that is under-utilized by HR departments. Here’s how you can start taking advantage of Twitter to build and engage your talent:

  • Tweet job openings and use hashtags that are related to each position. For example, use these hashtags for IT jobs: #tech #IT #techjobs #ITjobs #systemanalyst. You should also include hashtags that tell the reader you are posting a job: #jobs #jobseekers #careers #jobsearch. Don’t put ten hashtags in one post though; people will think you’re spamming them. Instead, repost with different hashtags.
  • Ask your leaders and employees to retweet your job postings to reach a broader audience.
  • Join Tweet Chats. These are usually scheduled and moderated by a professional in your industry. It’s where professionals who share a common interest get together and discuss hot topics. You can join chats as a recruiter to gain new talent. You can also encourage your employees to join chats that relate to their profession so they can learn from other professionals. Promote popular chats to different departments and allow time during the workday if that’s when the chat is happening. My calendar of events includes mostly HR-related Twitter chats right now but stay tuned for more!

These are my quick tips on using Twitter to recruit talent and help them continue growing. It is also a great way for HR professionals to learn about the departments/professions they support. Happy tweeting!

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