Wake up and smell the talent Part 1: Not much human capital without social capital

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In a world where everyone is connected all the time, we need to leverage social capital to build and keep the best human capital.

Twitter was founded over nine years ago. Facebook started over ten years ago. LinkedIn launched over 12 years ago. And, there’s been a plethora of social media platforms that started since then. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Social media is used for personal purposes, business engagements and everything in between. In business, we see these platforms being used for project management, marketing, advertising, community outreach and fundraising. So, where’s Human Resources (HR)?

We continue to see many HR professionals shy away from social media as a form of doing business. A report by the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2014 revealed that 57% of employees claimed that “social business sophistication” is an important factor to them when choosing an employer. That number is constantly increasing. So, in a world of heavy competition for strong talent, HR departments need to start playing the game or they’ll lose out on the most important part of their business: human capital. There is not much human capital if we don’t have social capital.

Don’t mistaken social capital to be solely defined by social media. It’s not. There is much social capital in our face-to-face interactions and relationships but HR has been strong in that area. The race for great talent is increasingly shifting to social media though because it has become a competitive advantage for many organizations that are using it.

As social platforms are only growing, let’s at least get HR up to speed on the basics and help build some social capital so that we don’t lose our human capital. Start with LinkedIn and Twitter. These are two amazing tools to help HR departments attract, retain and grow great talent. Really, it can do all three! I know many HR jaws just dropped because there is a misconception that the only thing HR can use social media for is recruiting. Wrong!

Now that you’re awake and realize the importance of incorporating social media into HR, go smell the talent on LinkedIn and Twitter. This is part one of a three-part series where I’ll share all the tools available on LinkedIn and Twitter to help give your HR department a boost. Here’s step one that I’d like you to do today: create a real profile on both platforms, picture and everything! In the words of Talent Anarchy, “If you’re not connected on social, you’re not relevant!”

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