Never Settle for Less – Commit in 2015!

celebrationWe’re about to approach a new year. With that comes New Year resolutions that often fail. Even the most measurable goals tend to fall by the wayside come March. This year, I’m going to try a new kind of New Year resolution!

I’m keeping it simple – one goal, one resolution. That is, I will commit to never settling for less in 2015. It might sound oversimplified or generic but it’s an important concept that too many people lose sight of when they’re busy trying to accomplish all of the other goals in their lives. They focus so much on the end result that they forget to reflect on whether or not they are even going down the right path.

I’m committing that in 2015, I will consistently ask myself if I’m settling for less or not – in my work, relationships, personal goals and other life activities. If the answer is yes, I know I will have to reevaluate and choose a different path.

I’ve learned the hard way that when I settle for less, I’m giving up so much that I could and should have in my life. So, how do you know when you’re settling?

Take the time this next year to be intentional about reflecting upon your experiences, decisions and goals. Evaluate whether or not you are settling for less and commit to redirecting yourself if you find that you are headed down a path that results in something less than you deserve.


3 thoughts on “Never Settle for Less – Commit in 2015!

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