Engaging a Free Agent Workforce

path3We’re all free agents. We always have been but more and more, we’re seeing people take advantage of their free agency. So, how do you engage a workforce full of free agents?

It’s not going to be easy but employers need to start thinking about customization and personalization. Each generation, each profession and each person may want something totally different out of their companies. The most forward thinking companies are trying out some different tactics to keep their best employees around. You should too!

Flexible Scheduling

Don’t just enforce a 4-day work week policy on everyone and call it a day. Flexible scheduling means that you allow for employees to flex their schedules as necessary so that they can have a better integration of their work and life. It’s about empowering people to do what they need to do and connecting the different pieces of their lives to make it whole rather than separate parts.

Service Initiatives

Offer financial and other resources for employees to support the nonprofit organizations and causes that they care the most about. Allow them to volunteer together. It builds teamwork and makes people feel like their values are aligned with the organization’s values.

A Sense of Place

With so many differing opinions, perspectives and values in the workplace, it’s never been more difficult to provide meaning for people at work. It’s the key to engagement, though. We need to be able to provide employees with a sense of place, a sense of belonging. Companies need to work extremely closely with leadership to ensure that employees feel connected to their work.

Regardless of the methods you choose to achieve the above factors, make sure that you are always re-evaluating to make sure that your practices are changing as your workforce changes. Customization and personalization are difficult things to accomplish but they are extremely important to engaging a free agent workforce.


8 thoughts on “Engaging a Free Agent Workforce

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