To-Do List Hack from a Productivity-Obsessed Professional

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 12.51.25 PMAs a busy professional, I’ve tried many different to-do lists. I’ve attempted to use everything from a written list of things I need to get done to a complicated to-do list with way too many columns and fields for me to fill out. I’ve slowly taken fields out of my to-do lists that were unnecessary and have come up with a to-do list with just the minimum fields to make me productive.

I created this to-do list to target the following audiences:

  • Busy professionals – it’s simple to use and does not have a lot of fields to fill in.
  • Multi-taskers – it allows you to have multiple projects and tasks going at once.and provides a filter option so you can see just what you are currently working on.
  • People who get bored doing the same thing for too long – it provides statuses that allow you to put one project or task on “break” while you work on something else.
  • The overly organized professional – it allows you stay organized with all of your projects and tasks and filter and sort as you see fit.

I am all of the things listed above so it has taken me a long time to perfect a to-do list that actually works for all those characteristics. On top of these things, I also wanted to be productive and not spend my days entering data into a complicated to-do list. Yet, I knew I needed a to-do list because otherwise, I would spend my days trying to remember what I need to get done and where I left off on projects I started on already.

To download my “Get It Done” to-do list, click here.


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