What did yesterday teach us and what will tomorrow bring?

"Honoring our Past, Preparing for our Future" - ASHHRA 2014

“Honoring our Past, Preparing for our Future” – ASHHRA 2014

I just returned from my favorite conference in the world but this year, it was particularly special. Not only was the 2014 Annual American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) Conference held in the great city of Chicago, but it was also the organization’s 50th Anniversary celebration. The theme for the conference could not be more fitting for the , particularly in healthcare: “Honoring our Past, Preparing for our Future.”

With that, the conference sessions followed a common theme begging the question, “What will tomorrow bring?” Attendees gathered to learn about and discuss how to create positive change in our organizations so that we control our future, rather than letting it control us.

Quite appropriately, ASHHRA introduced a new app for the conference this year that was informational, yet interactive and well, fun! Attendees were posting updates from sessions on the app’s social feed throughout the conference, allowing their fellow learners to be in multiple places at once, in a way. Here’s a recap of some inspirational thoughts that came through the app’s feed about what tomorrow will bring:

  • “The legislative workshop is opening my eyes to the current climate in healthcare.” -Tedd Trabert
  • “Thought Leader Forum is tackling the new cogenerational workplace!” -Dawn Rose
  • “We get to decide what the next chapter for our life is.” -Debbi Fields
  • “You cannot pay people to care.” -Debbi Fields
  • “Move towards competency-based leadership, not gender-based leadership.” -Grace Moffitt
  • “HR is front and center in patient care.” -Maureen O’Keeffe
  • “We need leaders who can communicate a compelling message amongst and despite the chaos.” -Debra Walker
  • “Shared accountability, connecting people and senior leadership buy-in are crucial to getting middle management on board with a successful acceleration/high-potential program.” -Todd VanNest
  • “Don’t let people use time as a barrier.” -Debra Walker
  • “True wealth is found in family and friends and loving what you do.” -Debbi Fields
  • “No is an unacceptable answer.” -Debbi Fields
  • “I had everything to lose but I also had something to gain.” -Debbi Fields
  • “Take failure and embrace it.” -Debbi Fields
  • “Perfect Patient Care anyone? Perfect Employee Engagement? YES, we can make it happen.” -Norma Tirado
  • “If you have to read a manual to provide great customer service, you’re in trouble.” -Debbi Fields
  • “Seek out sessions that move dark lines, that challenge you and that push you out of your comfort zone.” -Steven Berkow
  • “Pick the mentors and colleagues you choose to learn from wisely.” -Bob Riney
  • “Staying status quo is not beneficial.” -Alan Beatty
  • “Find people you can trust to give you candid feedback. Strong relationships stand the test of time if you have trust.” -Jeff Green

With the changes in healthcare, Human Resources and the workplace, it’s never been more important to start engaging in conversations on how to create a better tomorrow for our employees, our customers and our organizations. Whether you attended the conference or not, take the inspiration offered and get energized to lead your organizations through change!


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