Championship-worthy recipe for success

Bryan Brothers break tie for U.S. team at Davis Cup.

Bryan Brothers break tie for U.S. team at Davis Cup.


Its definition can vary so much depending on who you ask about it. It makes its way into every interview. It’s talked about at every school and workplace. It’s the subject of so many books and blog posts. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the best recipe for success looks like.

I’ve been asked what I think is the best recipe for success more times than I can remember. I believe that success depends on so many factors and on the situation. I never had a good answer to the “recipe for success” question though nor have I ever found one that I believe to be the right one.

Until now.

I, unexpectedly, received some tickets to go watch the Bryan Brothers, the best tennis doubles team in history, in my opinion. I’ve always been a huge fan and they’re great to watch on television but seeing them in person was a bigger treat than I could have imagined. It was the most fun I’ve ever had watching tennis.

There was something so unique about watching the Bryan Brothers play tennis. They were visibly enjoying themselves and just hitting the coolest shots ever. I overheard someone in the crowd make the perfect analogy about the way these two brothers play tennis. Referring to the fact that so many of the Bryans’ shots were untouchable by the other team, he said, “I call those the Bryan Brothers slam dunks.”

It was more than the match itself though that got my attention. Everything was unique about them from the match to their interview to the time they spent with the crowd after the match. It got me wondering about what their recipe for success might be.

Now, I didn’t actually get to ask them but I’ve created a recipe of my own based on my observations. While I still believe that success is often circumstantial and dependent on many factors, the Bryan Brothers have inspired what I would consider a pretty good recipe to follow.

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