The best career advice I’ve ever received

As an HR professional, I often get the question – what is the best career advice you’ve ever received? I always hesitate to answer this question because I don’t believe that there is one good answer. I am such a strong believer in hearing multiple perspectives, evaluating them and then making a decision as to what works best.

In that spirit, I posed a question on Twitter to ask fellow professionals to complete the sentence: “The best career advice I’ve ever received…” I hope that this succinct but comprehensive collection will be inspirational to those who are looking for some good advice.

Career Tip #1: Seek Feedback
I love this piece of advice from Advait Supnekar (@advaits) because it encourages professionals to be proactive about seeking feedback. He talks about the benefits of doing this. When we engage in conversations to improve ourselves, we find our jobs to be more satisfying.
Career Tip #1
Career Tip #2: Networking Still Works
Kayla Hollatz (@exPressionPR) reminds us that networking is still alive and well in the world of career development. It’s not just about getting business cards or handing out your resume. It’s about building true relationships that are meaningful and active. This is the part of networking that will be mutually beneficial and yes, could very well land you your next job!
Career Tip #2
Career Tip #3: Add Value
Kyshira Moffett, MBA (@2MovesAhead) says it best. Her simple but powerful advice encourages us to do more. Don’t just go to work and do the minimum of the job. Go above and beyond and add value to everything you do. Our work would be so much more meaningful if we ask this question about every task: What value am I adding by doing this and is there any way I can add even more value?
Career Tip #3
Career Tip #4: Keep Learning
This tip hits home for me and I really think it’s one that would benefit any person in any career path. Hippo Solutions (@HippoSolutions) tells us to keep learning new things. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new career, transitioning careers or happily settled in a career; learning new things will benefit you. 
Career Tip #4
Career Tip #5: Love Your Work
Szymon (@szymon_lach) teaches in his career advice to love ourselves and love our work. His advice is so powerful as it touches on our soft skills, which we need to develop in order to be more successful. He tells us to be ourselves and find enjoyment in what we do. Work shouldn’t be miserable. Successful people are successful because they enjoy their work and thus, their passion pushes them to greater things.
Career Tip #5
Thank you to everyone who shared their great career advice, particularly the five amazing professionals in this post. Follow them on Twitter for more inspiration, learning and development. Please also share your tips and success stories in the comments section below. I always love to hear from you!


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