Use SET model to deal with stress

Stress release can happen through simple things like taking a walk on your favorite path.

Stress release can happen through simple things like taking a walk on your favorite path.

Feeling stressed? With so many changes happening in the workplace these days, it can become very stressful to keep up. Yet, people often look too hard for a stress reliever. Many people think that there’s a secret recipe out there but there’s not, especially not an easy one. To celebrate the month of April being Stress Awareness month, this post will bring you back to basics.

Before you start biting your nails, panicking or resolve to poor stress management behaviors, consider some daily lifestyle changes to help relieve your stress. The benefit of a lifestyle change is that you have control over it and stress is often caused by things that we do not have control over.

The first part of dealing with stress is trying to identify the cause. This can be very challenging if you have multiple stressors. Try to list and rate them in order to plan how you will conquer them. Once you can identify what is causing the stress look into ways to combat it. Sometimes just venting or talking about is enough. If it’s not, try one of these and you’ll be all SET.

  • Sleep. Make sure that you are sleeping the amount of time required for your age and activity level. Most people need an average of about 8 hours. If you are struggling when trying to sleep make sure that you aren’t distracted by your TV, cell phone or computer. Ideally, those items should not even be in your bedroom.
  • Exercise. Add exercise to your weekly schedule. It can be very beneficial to add 30 minutes of activity to your day. Now, don’t stress just at the thought of this. It doesn’t have to be something you hate to do. Exercise can be something you enjoy like playing with your dog, playing your favorite sport, riding your bike or even taking a long walk with a friend. If you can get your extra activity in early in your day, that’s even better because it gives you a positive achievement first thing in the morning. An accomplishment at the beginning of the day is a great way to stay refreshed, positive and focused the rest of the day.
  • Time management. Managing your time is much easier said than done but it’s necessary to help us become less stressed. Plus, with new technology and the ability to be online with your device 24/7 it has never been easier. Make the most of your device and start using the calendar and list features to ensure you are providing yourself with adequate time and that you don’t “forget” to do things. This means scheduling everything from work to grocery shopping to personal phone calls.
For the SET model to actually work, you need to be realistic.
  • Be realistic about how much time you need to sleep. Then, go to bed on time and wake up on time.
  • Be realistic about how much exercise you can do and for how long. Remember, you can always work your way up.
  • Be realistic about your time. When you schedule your activities, you’ll be less stressed if you make sure you are scheduling enough time for everything.
This is nowhere near an exhaustive list of stress management tools, nor are these tips official recommendations made by a medical physician. However, they are steps you can take on your own to relieve some of your stress. If these steps do not work or you feel that your stress is not getting better or may be caused by something else, see a physician for medical advice.

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