How is technology changing our experiences? Further reading on the effects of the “digital now”

I watched this TED Talk and it was quite interesting to me. I think, however, that our self-control when it comes to technology is like everything else, remembering that in the end, we all have a choice – a choice to use and embrace technology or not, a choice as to how often we use it, a choice about what we use it for, etc. For example, I realized one day that my basic math skills were terrible even though it was the subject I did best in when I was in school. I admitted it was the result of me being spoiled by a calculator at my fingertips (literally, it’s on my phone which I carry everywhere). So, I stopped using the calculator and started doing math in my head or with a pen and paper. It’s all coming back to me now. I made a choice and so can everyone else but don’t blame technology – it’s our fault if we allow it to hinder our lives.

TED Blog

How long have you been staring at a screen? Chances are this is not the beginning of your day on your mobile device or computer — and it’s very unlikely to be the end of it. You reading this blog post is only a moment in your digital day, nestled among Facebook updates, Twitter posts, Tumblr reblogs, YouTube videos and, of course, more articles. [ted_talkteaser id=1856]You and I are operating in what today’s speaker Abha Dawesar calls the “digital now,” a stream of time that is parallel to the present, but also in competition with it.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to pay full attention to the present, says Dawesar, a novelist. In this poetic talk, she looks at the dangers of our time- and space- warping technologies and what exactly happens when we blur the lines between the past, present and future.

“Technology has altered our flow of time…

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